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The team at GoLocal aims to serve small to medium size businesses in Fort Collins. With our city growing as fast as it is, mobile text based marketing offers new ways to reach customers, stand out from the competition and offers an innovative way to communicate with the connected local community. 

We are a local team that understands the importance of building a relationship with the business owner, understand goals, apply our expertise and technology to connect customers directly to the business. Our strategies are designed to Attract & Engage the community surrounding your business keeping your clientele well informed about promotions, events or new changes to products or services. 

Our managed services builds your business to an optimal community that enrolled and participate in your program. GoLocal offers keywords & short-codes that connect to mobile coupons, websites, social media, digital kiosks, contest, giveaways, promotion of events, and much more....

If you have any further questions about our technology or how we can grow your business, feel free to contact us at, or text GoLocal to 55678.

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Thanks for your interest in GoLocal we will contact you shortly...

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